Standard bedroom furniture at Chihospitality

Chihospitality bedroom construction standards. These standards have brought the brand to Chihospitality for a long time.

Chihospitality bedroom construction standards.

- Single bed size is 1.2 x 2m.

- Double bed size is 1.6 x 2m.

- Blankets for each room must be covered with coc covers for easy changing and daily washing.

- Bed mattress at least 20cm thick and wrapped.

- The bed is designed for the disabled with the dimensions of 1.8m x 2m.

- Pillows must have covers.

- Bedside cabinet or shelf (headboard tab). With a single bed room, there is a cabinet or bedside shelf, and for a room with a double bed, there must be two cabinets or a shelf located in the bedside cabinet.

- The headlight for each customer can adjust the brightness by himself.

- Safe electrical outlet at each bedside.

- Landline.

-Wardrobe with hanging hook

- There must be many types of shirt hangers to hang different types of clothes.

- Clothes brush.

- High speed wireless Internet connection also known as Wifi.

Internet connection via high-speed cable is also known as Internet cable.

- Desk for all number of bedrooms (applicable to hotels and resorts).

- Desk lamp for bedroom (applicable to hotels and resorts).

- A safe electrical outlet at the desk to meet the needs of customers (for hotels and resorts).

- Each room must have a briefcase containing hotel information and customer guidance including: rules, services and service prices in the hotel, service time of services, promotion policies hotel business, some envelopes, paper and pens. Hotel information can also be projected onto the screens of each room.

- Mirrors in each room must have (small type) note there is more mirror for the whole person

- Window curtains must be thick enough to block the light.

- Room lights must be adequate and well lit.

- Drinking furniture and drinking glasses must pay attention not to lack

- The room should have a small cup to drink tea or coffee with a beer-wine cap opener.

- Paper boxes are placed on the table.

Specialized suit for eating fruit.

- Minibar (small fridge usually placed near TV) for a variety of drinks, snacks and snacks.

- Color television.

- With special class bedrooms or suites, there will be an extra television in the living room.

- Instructions to use the phone as well as television are available at the table or next to the TV for the most convenience for customers.

- Safe electrical outlet in the room.

- Luggage rack.

- Paper or foam box to clean shoes.

- Picture.

- The super speed kettle still ensures good operation.

- The super speed kettle still ensures good operation.

- Pocket needle thread and iron, iron.

- Hairdryer.

- For hotels, it is required to have bedroom carpet or wooden floor.