The tourism industry seeks to overcome the crisis of the Covid-19 season

Thousands of tours have been canceled because the epidemic broke out again. Many businesses are close to closing. Tourism business faced the second biggest wave of crisis of the year.


The disease broke out again, making Da Nang tourism completely paralyzed. The earthquake affects the tourist picture of Phu Quoc, Da Lat, Quy Nhon and Phu Yen. Mr. Tran Trung Hieu, Deputy Director in charge of the Hanoi Department of Tourism, said 28 travel businesses in Hanoi brought nearly 7,000 visitors to Da Nang in July but only in the last three days of July, more than 7,000 visitors of 22 travel companies in Hanoi cancel tours to many localities.

Data from the Department of Tourism of Ho Chi Minh City recorded the cancellation wave of tens of thousands of tourists. According to the preliminary report of 11 large enterprises in Ho Chi Minh City, about 31,000 passengers canceled flights: Vietravel had more than 20 thousand customers canceled in two days July 26-27, Saigontourist more than 10,000 guests refused to continue traveling. A series of other businesses such as BenThanh Tourist, Fidi Travel, Hoa Binh Tourism Company are also in a similar situation.

Ninh Binh is one of the top localities to recover tourism after the epidemic in May. Since reopening, Ninh Binh has welcomed more than 300,000 visitors, this time also plummeted. Mr. Bui Van Manh, Deputy Director of Ninh Binh Department of Tourism, said that just three days ago, the number of visitors from the South and Central to Ninh Binh decreased by about 40-50% compared to the time before the outbreak. The Department requires the units to restart the anti-epidemic process at the tourist sites to ensure the safety of visitors.

Businesses had to close, millions of workers lost their jobs, of which a large part belonged to the tourism and service industry. Mr. Dao Manh Cuong, a longtime Chinese tour guide, used the word "rest" to talk about the current situation. Thousands of international market guides have lost their jobs since the beginning of the year, many have to switch to drivers or find new jobs, but it is not easy to manage. “Working for a long time in the profession, I did not go to find another job but accepted to lose my job completely. It is not easy to find other jobs, I do not dare to invest in this risky time, so I have to wait for the epidemic to pass, ”said Cuong.

This new wave of epidemics will make businesses more difficult, and there will even be a wave of businesses leaving the market more - Mr. Nguyen Quoc Ky, Chairman of Vietravel Groups Board of Directors said. He said that restaurants and hotels that have not reopened in time will continue to close or may have to be sold. The tourism industry used to expect in the domestic market with summer vacation, summer travel in August, the outbreak of the outbreak missed the opportunity to recover. The Lunar New Year holiday is far from over and the possibility of reopening the international market in this context is very difficult.


The first crisis of tourism has just been suspended for less than three months, now tourism is in great difficulty. In order to face the second wave of crisis, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Ky suggested that tourism associations and tourism industry associations should promote the role of connecting businesses to help each other overcome difficulties. “Associations need to act as a bridge to reflect the difficulties and problems faced by businesses to ministries, branches as well as the Government. Enterprises also expect the Government to quickly activate support packages and most importantly, businesses must have access to, as well as implement effective solutions to prevent epidemics, tightly manage to prevent external transmission ” Mr. Ky stated.

Chairman of the Hanoi Travel Association, Director of Hanoitourist Company Phung Quang Thang proposed to step in and share the difficulties of the three parties of travel, aviation and service delivery systems such as accommodation and destinations. In the meeting held by the Department of Tourism in coordination with the Hanoi Travel Association over the weekend, Mr. Thang wished airlines to have specific policies in refunding and postponing flights with delegations. The property and the destination should also extend the pick-up window, allowing guests to delay their trip to an appropriate time.

“In the context of common difficulties, the connection meeting recently held by the Hanoi Department of Tourism is a certain success. After the meeting, the airlines have issued a document to supplement the ticket policy for group guests and support travel businesses, ”said Mr. Hieu. The Hanoi Department of Tourism becomes a bridge for businesses to share their difficulties and experiences over the crisis. The Department cooperated with the Vietnam Tourism Association, tourism associations and clubs in Hanoi to postpone some activities in August to focus on anti-epidemic diseases. Ensuring the safety of visitors at this time is still a top priority, so the Hanoi Department of Tourism reminds the units to activate the epidemic prevention and control process at the highest level.

Tourists have said that the domestic tourism enterprises have never seen the same direction as this outbreak, they need to continue the spirit of "bonding" to overcome the crisis.