Experience a quick hotel booking experience in the travel season

Hotel reservations are extremely important when you travel because a comfortable, comfortable and secure accommodation will make for a good trip. However, not everyone knows how to book a room like that, as well as get the most fun experience while staying. Here are some experiences you can watch before deciding to book a trip on your next trip.

1. Should stay in a hotel or homestay?

The answer depends on your financial situation, the purpose of the trip as well as who is involved. Both models of hotel and homestay have different advantages worth considering. With a hotel, you stay in a room by yourself, so the privacy is higher. Accompanying that is the comfort services such as spa, massage, swimming pool, gym, restaurant, ... Some hotels have additional free services such as airport transfers, transfers procession into the city center, ...

With a homestay, privacy may be worse when you have to share space with the host or share a bathroom or toilet with many others. You will have to take care of the problem of eating, doing laundry by yourself, but in return, homestay is often much cheaper than the hotel. If you are skillful, you will choose the apartments in the center, or very close to the bus station, tram, convenient for moving. Staying in a homestay also gives you a chance to get closer to the people and culture of the locality where you go.

In short, the hotel is suitable for families with the elderly, young children, or individuals who appreciate comfort. And the homestay is suitable for young people, just need a place to sleep overnight, not too interested in the accompanying service.

2. Pay attention to factors such as location, amenities, breakfast, ..

Whether you are a hotel or a homestay, choose places to stay in the central area, close to all major tourist destinations, to save time and move easily. However, hotels and homestays located in a large neighborhood will often have a quite high price, so a little tip is to try to look for hotels located in the alley, alley or nearby area. Although the view is not beautiful, you can "save the pocket" a large amount to spend more comfortably.

To make each guests stay comfortable, all rooms feature satellite / cable TV. For example, most hotels in Dalat do not use air-conditioning or you will be charged extra for daily housekeeping service for some hotels in Argentina, ... So if you see above A hotel website or social networking site doesnt have the amenities you want, call and ask directly. Maybe they forget to update their website after they start offering new amenities, for example.

For some hotels or homestays, breakfast may be provided for free. However, some places will charge a fee if you want to have breakfast on-site so please be aware of this information before making a reservation.

3. Read comments of those who went before

Just because you choose a 5-star hotel does not mean you will be served the best. Recently, as the social media and bloggers are growing, hotels have focused more on building a friendly and professional image with their customers. You just need to take a moment to check the comments, reviews (comments) of customers who have been staying to know if the hotel is really worth the rice bowl as they claim.

Pay special attention to the most recent comments. Some hotels get good marks for having good reviews after they first come into operation. However, with time, facilities, rooms, attached services, ... may go down. The closer you check comments to your upcoming trip, the more you will know the current state of the hotel for the best decision.
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4. How can I earn a good price?

The experience of many self-sufficient travelers shows that after completing a hotel or homestay, refer to different online booking sites to choose the best price. Usually, the popular sites are Agoda, Booking, Traveloka, Trivago (specializing in comparing prices, then passing through the original pages for guests to book).

In particular, Booking is favored by many people because hotels appearing on this platform usually do not require credit card authentication, nor do they require payment in advance. There are many rooms that allow free cancellations so you have more time to consider your trip or check out additional prices elsewhere, without rushing to book now.

5. Priority is given to rooms with free cancellation

As noted above, Booking.com has many rooms that allow you to cancel for free before a certain deadline. For example, you can book a room at Hotel X for free, the hotel guarantees to keep you room, and you can cancel the room right before the date of use with absolutely no charge.

For uncertain trips, use this function to reserve your seats and cancel if there is no more need. Some hotels and homestays may book a free cancellation room slightly higher than a normal room. However, the difference is considered as a precaution for you to risk and the hotel has a small compensation. If you are sure to go on that date and stay at that hotel, dont choose the free cancellation room but go for a regular room to save money.
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An effective tip that you can apply is as follows: Pre-book 1 free cancellation room to reserve, especially during the tourist season, it only takes a few minutes to run out. Then, consult, compare prices from other parties and other locations, if you find the above room is reasonable, keep it, otherwise cancel the old seat and book in a new place. But also do not "pin" the room too long, decide early so the hotel can use the room for others.

6. Pay attention to check-in / out time

Some people completely ignore this before booking a hotel. The most popular time to check in is 14am and check out before 12 noon. If you plan to arrive before check-in time, chances are you will have to wait a while for the hotel side, homestay to clean, rearrange your room ready or in case of overstaying, you can lose more money.

So, please contact the hotel, homestay in advance if you want to check in / out not within the specified time frame to be able to actively arrange travel time and your personal schedule. If you cant check in / check out the way you want, you can still drop in your luggage and have fun and come back later.