Room discounts when booked in groups

Group reservations and tour hotels with promotional incentives are issues that many people are interested in. So in this article Chihospitality would like to give some useful information for group hotel bookings, tour hotel reservations when you book at Chihospitality.

Do Chihospitality Hotel have a discount policy when booking in groups?
In group hotel reservations or tour hotel reservations, there are usually different rules for discount or non-discount.

Is there any discount for group hotel reservations?
Normally, all hotels are offering group hotel bookings with promotions and discounts. However, not any hotel when booking a hotel in a group or tour will be given promotions and discounts.
For small and medium hotels, or hotels with stable revenue sources, there will be no discount policy, or may also have this promotion policy, but it is quite limited. Coming to Chihospitality it depends on many factors.

When will there be promotions and discounts when booking in groups?
Discounts depend on the number of people per capita
The discount of the room rate is usually calculated per capita, for the number of people from 20-30 people or more, the hotel will reduce the price per person. For example: From 25 people, to the 26th person will get 10% off, the 27th person will get 15% off, the 28th person will get 20% off to no more than 50%.

For the number of people over 30 or more, the discount will be charged free of charge 2-3-5 people depending on the time of travel, room rental during the year.
Number of people discounts are calculated as a percentage of the total
The overall percentage here means a discount depending on the number of people booking a reservation, which is calculated as the total percentage of the amount that you pay. Specifically: If the tour group includes more than 30 people or more, the discount will be up to 10% - 15% - 20% of the total amount. For example, the required group amount that you will pay for your trip is 15,000,000 VND, you will be reduced 10% of the total amount. If the number of people is up to 50, the discount policy will be increased.

Discounts depending on the time of travel
This discount depending on the time of travel is often applied by many hotels.

For low tourist season, usually traveling by tour or traveling in groups will help the hotel salvage quite a lot of costs. Therefore, at these times, the discount policy of hotels is quite strong.

For the high tourist season, the discount policy will be less or less.