How do you know if the blankets in the hotel room you rent have changed.

Just like the common bedding types used in the family, the hotel bedding after a period of use must also be changed regularly. If at home, the distance changes to 1 week, then staying at the hotel is after each check-out ... Bedding directly affects the perception and satisfaction of customers with regard to room quality.

Have you ever wondered if the blankets, pillows and pillows on the hotel bed are cleaned regularly or not? Who can be sure of the answer, because if we replace it or not, only cleaning staff will know, our naked eyes can hardly distinguish it.

Recently, a TikTok account with long-term experience working in a hotel in Thai Nguyen posted an experience sharing video to check if the bed linen on the hotel bed was replaced when the guest checked-in?

The most recognizable signs are the creases and wrinkles on the bed sheet. If it does appear, your bedding has been replaced beforehand. This is because the blankets and pillow covers in the hotel, after being cleaned, will usually be dried with a iron.

According to the explanation of the clip owner, when using this type of iron, the bed sheet will be folded many times and have a curled action to dry at 120 temperature. With that heat, the bacteria have Harm is also eliminated, ensuring hygiene and safety for new check-in guests.

Another important sign to look out for is the tiny strands of hair on the bed sheet. If they are cleaned you will not be able to find them. In many luxury hotels in a foreign country or even in Vietnam, letting guests detect hair remaining on the bed after check-in is considered a taboo in the hotel industry, easy to receive influential reviews. reputation of the hotel.

After you check-in the hotel room, remember to carefully check the bed sheet!